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18 Aug 2019 - Sunsetting the RYO Guerrilla Mail service!

We're sunsetting the RYO service today. Reason: lack of demand for the product

We thank the few users who stuck with us through the years. We won't be shutting off the switch any time soon, existing users can still login and continue to operate as normal! (Except, they can't make new orders)

21st Oct 2016 - Email Sending now available for hosted sites!

If you upgrade your site to a hosted site with your own domain name, then you enable the email sending feature for your visitors!
To enable, simply login to your control panel and navigate to setup -> Sending. There you will need to enter your keys from recaptcha.net and sending should become enabled.

15th Sep 2016 - Free SSL certificates for everyone

Thanks to LetsEncrypt, all sites hosted on a custom domain will get a valid SSL certificate for free!

8th May 2015 - New Landing page

'Roll Your Own' Guerrilla Mail has a new landing page
Other things that were improved on, including changing our support from email to a very snappy ticket support system.

17th September 2014 - Removed bitcoin sending, disabled sending

There's been a lot of development work done to 'Roll Your Own Guerrilla Mail' over the year. This was finally deployed this week for final testing. At present, providing bitcoin sending features via email is not what the focus is on. Email sending from RYO domains are disabled too (but will be available in some form later). However, if you login to your RYO account, you'll find lots of changes, improvements and new features! An official announcement on our blog and social feeds will be given as soon as QA is completed.

30th September 2013 - Added Bitcoin sending

All RYO sites have a feature for sending bitcoin via email. We'll be tweaking some things with this feature, perhaps the ability for setting custom fees, etc.

2nd September 2013 - Roll Your Own" Guerrilla Mail - Version 1.1

Easier to change the background & tweaks to CSS. Further improvements to color/style customizations will be added soon

24th August 2013 - Roll Your Own" Guerrilla Mail - Version 1.0 Launched

"Roll Your Own" Guerrilla Mail has been launched. You can now build and customize your own temporary email site(s). Here is what you can customise:

  • Set your own name & logo
  • Social network buttons
  • Edit your on text or language
  • Edit CSS and HTML
  • Add your own alternative domains (these can be hidden from the public too)
  • Hosting on your own domain

Things are still new and more things will be developed / polished continuously as things go along, more features are coming too. Any new developments will be announced here. Let us know through Facebook / Twitter if you have any feature requests too. In the near future, we'll work to improve the stats & provide better a customization UI.

Example sites created using RYO Guerrilla Mail:

Made a cool customization? Let us know via Facebook or Twitter! Best customizations will be featured in our blog.

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