Roll Your Own (RYO)

Bring your own domain to Guerrilla Mail!

Use your domain with Guerrilla Mail to read and receive email. Further features & upgrades are available that allow you to create your own branded disposable email site.

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Everyday users

Use your own domain with Guerrilla Mail for better spam protection everyday.

Power users

Run your own disposable email site. In just a few clicks, our ‘White Label’ features allow you to roll your own disposable email site for your brand.

Benefits for everyday users

Bypass blocks

Some of the public domains offered by Guerrilla Mail are already being blocked by certain services, and more are likely to be blocked in the future. Use your own domain to avoid this problem forever!

New privacy features

Guerrilla Mail public domains are accessible to anyone with the inbox ID. Add password-protection, restrict access, and maintain your privacy with R.Y.O. Guerrilla Mail!

Easy setup

We do all the technical heavy lifting. Simply point your Name Server to host with us, and we manage all the DNS records seamlessly. Advanced users can simply change their MX records and host elsewhere.

Benefits for power users

Do something good for the interwebs

Create your own disposable email site and help the masses avoid spam by providing a simple and effective anti-spam solution.

Make your brand shine

Increase exposure and earn good will for your brand. Guerrilla marketing FTW!

Provide a value-added service

Delight your users by giving them more. eg. e.g. if you are a VPN provider, create a disposable email service for your users with your own branding..


  • Own Domain

    Use your own domain name for receiving and reading email with Guerrilla Mail

  • No Limits

    Create as many sites as you like, add as many domains to a site as you can

  • Site Link

    Each site has its own homepage link for easy bookmarking & access

  • Language Editor

    Change the wording / language of your site, using the language / translation editing tool

  • Favicon

    Set a favicon for your site

  • Social

    Easily paste in social media links / buttons

  • API

    Access your own domains via our API

  • Privacy

    Ability to set a site to be open for the public use or private use. (Private by default)

  • Hosting

    Power users can upgrade the sites to be hosted on their own domain

  • Custom Logo

    Change the logo and background by uploading your images

  • Edit CSS

    Change the CSS to your own taste

  • Banners

    Easily paste in your own banner code or any other Javascript

  • SSL

    SSL is always on. We provide you with free certificates

  • Support

    Friendly email / web based technical support

  • Email Sending

    Because sometimes your visitors need to reply or send the occasional email.

The Guerrilla Mail crew

We're here to help you fight spam. We believe in privacy, freedom of speech and net neutrality.

Join our cause!


There's no software to install or mess around with. We do all the heavy lifting for you, such as hosting and managing the servers. However, there's some level of technical knowledge required. You'll need -

  • Your own domain name that has been previously registered
  • Ability to change the Name Server, or configure MX records for your domain. This should be documented by your domain registry and can be configured with a few simple clicks.


At present, Guerrilla Mail has two upgrades available:

1. Add an alternative domain. (See Everyday user benefits)
2. Upgrade alternative domain to a hosted domain (See Power user benefits)

+ Get Hosted

$ 69 99
Billed annually
  • Site hosted on your domain
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Email Sending
  • Customize your site
  • Your Domain(s) for email
  • Email / Web Support

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Example Sites

The following sites are powered by RYO Guerrilla Mail.
Launched in 2013, now 40,000 visits / month.
A delightful pacific theme.
What will you make?

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